Since 2018, Stack has worked closely with Entrepreneur Media Inc. to establish and grow its commerce business from the ground up. At the time the partnership was initiated, Entrepreneur primarily relied upon traditional media to meet its revenue goals and looked to add a commerce business without devoting significant internal resources.

Before working with StackCommerce, EMI was understandably hesitant about the high overhead costs of commerce, e.g. sales, merchandising, customer service, and operations. They were searching for a solution that allowed them to be less ad dependant while offering a curated, native commerce experience that resonated with its readers.


Rather than utilizing internal resources to test the long-term revenue potential of eCommerce, EMI integrated with StackCommerce’s robust platform and solution to launch the Entrepreneur Store.

With the realized success, EMI has been able to shift its central business to a blend of content consumption and content marketing.

Stack’s solution enabled EMI to:

01Optimize product selection

A wide assortment of product categories allowed EMI to test product types and price points and collect valuable reader data that informs future curation and overall business objectives.

02Offer readers bespoke content

Custom commerce content is provided by StackCommerce’s Content Studio so to not require additional resources internally. Commerce content integrates with editorial to augment the overall reader experience.

03Target new readers

Agency-style paid marketing solutions target potential readers with commerce content to grow revenue and readership simultaneously.

04Build lifetime customer relationships

Email capture widgets and lifecycle marketing campaigns engage and foster customer relationships beyond the first purchase.

the Results

With StackCommerce, EMI was able to build a commerce business from scratch with no risk or upfront cost. This has allowed their internal team to focus on building alternative revenue streams, while benefiting from the below wins:


Commerce Gross Revenue
Generated in First Year


Clickthrough Rate:
From Article to Store


Articles Published Each Week


Articles Published Each Week



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